Six Years and Three Continents

I met Niki in Shanghai, six years ago, when I came across her advertisement for private yoga lessons while shopping at the Western grocery store. I called her, we hit it off, I hired her, and we became fast friends.  She ended up moving back to the states a half a year before Bob and I moved back – fortunately, she moved to Los Angeles and I could still see her when we visited my parents. Then, we moved to California.  Soon after, however, while on assignment in London, she met the man who was to become her husband. She and her hubby now live in London. And fortunately, because of Bob’s business travel, I’ve been able to see her – in Paris last year, and in London now.

I met up with Niki in Chelsea where she recently opened her own studio Barrecore. The space is just fabulous and if I were not so intimidated, I would take her up on taking a class while I’m here. But the women I saw there looked oh-so-fit and oh-so- athletic. I’ll pass this time. 😉 If you’re in the area, I highly recommend Niki’s studio, however. I’ve known her for over six years and trust her advice and suggestions when it comes to health and fitness! And FYI, she’s been a trainer for some pretty big names!

I also met this incredibly adorable fellow, Tank, Niki and her hubby’s Japanese Chin. I’m in love!

What did we do all afternoon? Shopped, of course! Fabulous stores on Kings Road. We made some purchases (of course).  I love how in London you can take your dog everywhere and all the shopkeepers seem so thrilled to meet the four-legged companions!

We tired ourselves out and went to the Markham Inn, where yes, dogs are allowed, to have some drinks while we waited for Bob and her hubby to join us for dinner.  Needless to say, dinner was spectacular! Foie gras that was reminiscent of chocolate fudge in its texture and richness. As Niki said, “I could have this for dessert!” I had the sea bass with fennel and tomato confit. Tender, moist, juicy! Dessert, for me, was pancakes (crepes) with Chantilly cream and hazelnut sauce. Melt me! Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday so many restaurants were serving pancakes.

Long, leisurely dinner comfortably chatting among friends. Perfect! And I get to hang out with Niki again tomorrow! More to come!

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6 thoughts on “Six Years and Three Continents

  1. traveljen

    isn’t it wonderful to meet up with friends? and seeing a city through “local” eyes is such a treat!

  2. It really is! When I came to London the first time last March, she was away on vacation, so I did most of the typical touristy stuff already (at least what Bob and I wanted to do).

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that about being able to take the dogs with you everywhere. That’s terrific! Looks like you’re having a grand time.

    • It’s so cool that at this nice restaurant, patrons could bring their dogs indoors to dine with them. I’m not sure Trixie would have been as well behaved, but still! 🙂

  4. There’s also a great restaurant on the beach in Half Moon Bay, Sam’s Chowder House, that allows (and welcomes) dogs – but only on the outside patio, too. And I hear Carmel is extremely dog friendly. But overall, we just don’t take Trixie with us on a day to day basis like Niki gets to do.

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