Out & About in London

I’ve not been doing a good job of snapping photos. I promise to do better the rest of my visit.

Yesterday was a working day for both of us so we didn’t really get out and about. I did manage to get a lot of writing/revising done. YAY!  I also stopped across the street from the hotel at a Marks & Spencer to pick up lunch – organic free range egg salad and watercress sandwich, bottle of water, and a bag of four apples for under 5 pounds. Tea at the hotel sports bar? 5 pounds!

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10 thoughts on “Out & About in London

  1. traveljen

    I hope they never get rid of those red phone booths!
    YAY for you having a good working day!

  2. Oh, love Marks and Spencer. Have you tried any of their cookies? Used to love bourbon cremes.

    Love the way you post your photos. Cool WP theme!

    • No cookies at M&S. I think I’m doing plenty of damage to my calorie count by having cakes and scones with my high teas. LOL

  3. Looks like you’re having a fun time! Give yourself a chance to relax and enjoy!

    • Having a blast – great balance of work to play. Actually, more play than work today and tomorrow for sure! 🙂 xo

  4. Okay I’m going to try commenting from my other blogs and see what happens so I can narrow down the issue. Can you please just leave a one word reply to each of my comments? Thanks.

    This one from the garden one (still not live yet.)

  5. Susan Taylor Brown

    This one from my test blog which is wordpress.com

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