While I was waiting for Niki at Waterstones (see previous post), I perused the shelves, and it should come to no surprise to those of you who know me that a cupcake book nearly leaped off the shelf and into my arms. It was The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and yes, I bought it! Even better, Niki told me that we’d be walking right past The Hummingbird Bakery! Joy! Bliss! And YUM!

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The bakery had a line going out the door! Popular, yes? It was a cozy bakery, with big cakes (carrot cake caught my eye) lined up under glass domes on top of the cases full of cupcakes. Because of the way we entered the shop, however, I wasn’t able to get a good look at all the cupcakes before someone offered to take my order. Panic! But fortunately, she was patient as I moved around to look at each and every one before deciding on a chocolate cupcake with hazelnut filling and chocolate frosting topped with honeyed pralines. Niki was thrilled to be able to get a gluten-free cupcake.

I do love a good cupcake, and The Hummingbird Bakery’s is very good. However, my favorite cupcakes continue to be from Teacake here in Burlingame, CA. Good thing, too. It would be horrible if my very favorite cupcakes came from a country I only went to infrequently!

That being said, I highly recommend The Hummingbird Bakery’s cupcakes – they were moist and flavorful, and the hazelnut filling made it quite uniquely delicious! I am looking forward to trying out some of the recipes from the cookbook – particularly the banana chocolate cupcakes, green tea cupcakes, and marshmallow cupcakes (as well as the cakes, pies, and cookies included in the book).

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6 thoughts on “Cupcakes!

  1. traveljen


    I just discovered a cupcake bakery here… haven’t tried it yet (it’s not very typical!)… maybe this afternoon, as a treat? hmmm.

  2. My kind of post! Those look good (and large by high end cupcake standards here in the U.S). Can’t wait for you to bake some yourself. The book looks lovely :).

  3. Banana chocolate and the marshmallow both sound SO good!

    I LOVE your blog.

    Love you!

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