Sunday Drive

The weather was fantastic this past weekend here in Northern California. Bob and I, and our dog Trixie, decided to take advantage of it and go for a long drive up the coast.

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We took off from our home in the Peninsula and drove north on the 101. We drove into San Francisco, and as always, I admired the fabulous architecture of my birth city and detested the traffic. 😉 I never ever get tired of the glorious sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. Truly awesome!

From there we drove past Sausalito and onto Highway 1. What amazes me about living here is that we have cities, mountains, oceans and beaches, the bay and intertidal zones – all within an hour or so drive. I love living here!  The windy highway up and over the mountain pass made me slightly queasy so we stopped in downtown (really just a short street of shops and restaurants) Stinson Beach for a rest break. Trixie (our rat terrier) was allowed to have breakfast with us on the patio of a cute cafe where she made friends with a yellow lab at the next table.

Back on the road, we hit the coast and were awed by the amazing sight of ocean and sand and rocky cliffs. Having no plan other than to enjoy the scenery, we continued driving. Soon we found ourselves in the Point Reyes National Seashore and followed the signs to South Beach (dogs on leash allowed).  Fabulous! We stood there watching and listening to the pounding surf. The signs warned visitors not to wade or swim due to great white sharks, shifting sands, and strong undertows. No worries. I had no desire to dip my feet in that awesome surf.

It was time to turn around and head home. We admired many birds along the way (egrets, turkey vultures, red tail hawks, and tons of ducks) and even when we hit a little traffic over the mountain, we didn’t mind (too much).  We were greeted by a glorious San Francisco skyline as we headed back over the bridge back home to the Peninsula. Truly a wonderful and fabulous day!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Drive

  1. traveljen

    love the idea of being a hometown tourist!

    • Bob and I were noticing that we made great efforts to see the sights whenever we traveled, and yet didn’t make much of an effort to see all the wonderful things here. 🙂 New goal is to explore our home town whenever we have a chance.

  2. Sigh. SF area is so beautiful. Love Sausalito! You’re lucky it’s all within driving distance. Beautiful skies and ocean. Thanks for the slide show. 🙂

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