Walking Across The Swan or Another Florence Mis-Adventure

The Swan is the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam – about a half a mile long with a tall pylon fastened by 32 stays,  all in white (thus the nickname “the swan”).

On Monday evening, after reading reviews of several restaurants, we chose to eat at the Rotterdam Cafe, by the Rotterdam Terminal. The hotel desk clerk told us it was a safe but long walk. We prefer walking to taking the subway because this way we can enjoy the sights of the city.

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The air was crisp but not uncomfortably cold as we trekked from our hotel, along the Rotte river. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and still one of the busiest in the world. We enjoyed seeing stores and cranes and bikes and people. Cars here always stop for pedestrians crossing (I can’t get used to it),  but you have to keep watch for the bicyclists, who do not stop. There is a McDonalds on every corner. Sigh. And the sidewalks are splattered with discarded chewing gum. The Dutch must like to chew gum! We saw a bookstore (I’ll have to head back later to check out the inside), and a window full of lights and carved skulls by the artist Danny de Cactus.

Thirty minutes later, we found ourselves standing outside the very closed up Rotterdam Cafe. We wondered how old that New York Times review of restaurants in Rotterdam was. And why we hadn’t looked it up before walking there. Oh yes, because that’s what we do – spontaneously head somewhere in a foreign country without doing massive (or even a little) research. 😉

So we turned around and started heading back, determined to do that other thing we do well – finding a good restaurant by wandering.

(To be continued…)

– posted by Debbi

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4 thoughts on “Walking Across The Swan or Another Florence Mis-Adventure

  1. traveljen

    oh, yes… the changing landscape of restaurants and cafes, so maddening! I hope it had a good outcome!

    • It did! Posting about it today! Hope to explore a little on my own this afternoon. IF it’s not too cold out (I’m a wimp….)

  2. The Swan wasn’t built when I was in Rotterdam most recently in 1993. I think they built it in 2000.

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