Delicious Dinner – Surprise!

This is part 2 about our evening of wandering around Rotterdam, looking for dinner. See part 1 here.

So, Bob and I, after learning that our original dining destination was closed, headed back over the bridge in hopes of finding a restaurant worth trying out. We knew we hadn’t passed any restaurants we had any great desire to try on our way over the bridge. So, we risked turning down a street that looked promising. It turned out that yes, the street was lined with shops and cafes. We were hopeful.  When we walked past Hotel Bazar, we saw the Mediterranean menu posted in window. Tempting. There was also a cute little restaurant across the street, but it was empty. We peeked into the window of the large Hotel Bazar and it was positively bustling with waiters carrying full trays and tables full of customers. Always a great sign! So we wandered in. First thing we asked? “Do you have a menu in English?” They did! Hooray!

The inside was fabulously decorated with lots of colorful lamps, the atmosphere was casual. Our waitress spoke English (of course) – everywhere we travel, we find we can use our English without any trouble. I’m envious of all these people in other countries who are so easily bi- and multi- lingual.

We put in our order for dinner. The smells wafting around the restaurant were enough to make us drool (nearly). We peeked over at our neighbors’ tables and everything looked delicious. We were downright famished by the time our meals (promptly) arrived.

I ordered a marinated, grilled chicken kabob, served with rice and potatoes. The chicken was amazingly delicious with the perfect amount of seasoning. That pepper looks a little intimidating but it wasn’t spicy at all. The sauce was barbeque and I didn’t bother using it for the chicken (it masked the flavor), but did dip my potatoes in it. Dare I admit here that I ate everything? (Except I did leave most of the potatoes, not because they weren’t good, but I got full.)

Bob ordered the marinated veal ribs when the server admitted that it was her favorite dish. It was a tad spicy (but not overly so), juicy, tender, and very good! Bob enjoyed it very much! (He did keep sneaking bites of my rice, though!)

The best part was dessert. I ordered baklava, a dessert I enjoy very much. I expected a small triangle of the treat of filo dough filled with pistachio nuts and honey, but instead this was placed before me:

Bob’s first question to me was, “What is that furry stuff on top?” It did indeed look rather…furry. I took a small pinch and as soon as I touched it, I knew what it was. Cotton candy! Sweet! And it melted on my tongue. We joked a little, by petting it, but soon it was all gone, along with the four rectangles of baklava underneath. I’d never seen it served this way, have any of you? It was fun and amazingly good!

Our evening was a success! I do love when we make these fun discoveries of good meals without any research or plan. (Something I learned to do from Bob.)

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7 thoughts on “Delicious Dinner – Surprise!

  1. traveljen

    Oh, the thrill of discovery AND a good dinner! sounds wonderful!

  2. Always a good sign when you can pet the fur on your dessert!

    Everything looks delish — glad you accidentally found a good place to eat after all.

  3. Ooo, that dessert ooks yummy!

    We went to an amazing Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam. Can’t wait to see whether you found it too, assuming it’s still there…

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