Sweet Treats!

Ah, I think it’s time for a little disclaimer, because as my sweet father-in-law once pointed out, we do seem to do a lot of eating when we travel. I admit it, it’s one of our great joys. But, we also love to explore – visit museums and historical sites, check out the wildlife, get lost on public transportation, shop (okay, more me than Bob), etc.  This trip is a business trip for Bob and he has very little free time. I decided to take advantage of this time and focus on my writing. So, if you’re wondering why there are no photos of anything but food and shops, well, now you know. 😉

During a lunch break, Bob and I walked to the near-by shopping area and sat at an outdoor cafe right next to a fireplace for lunch. The place was called Aprés de Skihut and had a cartoon drawing of a skier and a lodge on a mountain side. The food was decent, but Bob was surprised when his Italiano sandwich turned out to be nothing more than two thick slices of wheat bread slathered with pesto and sprinkled with sliced green olives, cubes of mozzarella, and sun-dried tomatoes. For those of you who know Bob well, you know he is a true carnivore and no meat basically equals “not a real meal.” I shared my tuna salad with him so he didn’t walk away famished, at least.

The treat was this, served to us with the bill:

What’s this? I don’t know except it was topped with a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate crystals. I lapped at the whipped cream until Bob handed me a tiny spoon I hadn’t noticed (because, hello! whipped cream! chocolate sugar crystals!). I swallowed the liquid and it gently burned its way down my throat. Hmmm. I think it was maybe brandy? Just a taste.

My happiest discovery came during the hotel breakfast buffet. To be honest, it was Bob who found this box and handed it to me as I was about to butter my warmed croissant.

See the photo? It’s chocolate flakes on bread! Chocolate ON Bread! What a fantastic idea! I peeled open my croissant and poured the chocolate flakes into the center. Voila! Chocolate croissant!

I wonder if I can find a grocery store nearby that sells a very large box of this product????

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Treats!

  1. I love the food in Holland. A fave for me was a green salad served with large pieces of goat cheese, sprinkled with nuts and drizzled with honey –YUM. I ordered it all over – even in Belgium. Then of course there are the stroopwafels. Also yummy. Enjoy it all!

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