Southport, NC

On Tuesday, Bob’s brother David drove out from Raleigh with his adorable dog Suzie to hang out with all of us. We took the ferry from Fort Fisher over to Southport for the afternoon.


Bob, Dad, & David on the ferry

The ferry ride was perfect – very little wind (I get seasick) and clear skies. I enjoyed watching the Bonaparte gulls flying along side the ferry and landing precariously on the railing. I marveled at their accurate landings (if I were a gull, I’d have slipped and fallen).

Once over on Southport, we headed to Fishy Fishy Cafe on the water. I did not take pictures, I’m very sorry to say because my soft crab sandwich was outstanding! From there, we went to the North Carolina Maritime Museum where a docent shared some fascinating facts. My favorite tidbit was that not all pirates were men! I bought a book that had a bit about the women pirates. I’m thinking I may have to write about girl pirates in a story someday! The only disappointment was not being able to peruse this book –

How To Abandon Ship by Phil Richards and John J. Banigan. It was a book that had enough pages to make me wonder, what were the rules? What steps did one have to take to abandon ship? Maybe I can find it in a library somewhere….!

All in all it was a perfectly lovely day. The ride back was much cooler, but I was just as happy to be coasting along the waves on a perfect afternoon.

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