Strolling on Carolina Beach

Like I mentioned in a previous post, my first time on Carolina Beach was in 1998, when Bob and I visited his parents and stayed at their beach house. It was my first time experiencing a beach in the south. I grew up in Los Angeles and spent many, many summer days on Santa Monica Beach – freezing in the cold Pacific. The first time I stepped into the the Atlantic ocean I was shocked at how incredibly warm the water was. Like bathwater! I was also amazed at how close the ocean was to the beach (I had to trek quite a long way on the beach to reach the ocean in Santa Monica). And I loved how I could find shells, shark teeth, and sea glass on the beach.

Bob’s parents sold the beach house years ago, but I have fond memories. It was on a very warm Thursday morning that Bob and I drove down to Carolina Beach, parked by the old beach house, and took a long walk along the beach.

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We also saw a dolphin fairly close to shore. Not sure you can see it in the photo above. It always makes me smile to see dolphins. We also watched clams dig their way back into the sand, and Bob found a skate egg case. We might have stayed longer, but by 11 AM the temps had warmed to the point where I was uncomfortably hot. Still, it was a perfect morning on the beach.

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6 thoughts on “Strolling on Carolina Beach

  1. Lisa Thaler

    Thank you for sharing a shot with the shore birds and I did see the dolphin!!

  2. Nice!

    • It really was! We don’t seem to do the same kind of relaxed strolling/beach combing on the West coast as we do in NC.

      • It’s funny that you found the Atlantic Ocean warm like bath water. That’s what we say about the Pacific! I’ve always thought the Atlantic was chillier.

      • I don’t know about where you are, but the ocean in NC in the summer is WARM! πŸ™‚

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