Unforgettable Meals – Pt 2

This dinner ranks in my top three favorite fine dining experiences of all time in the world. In fact, just looking at these photos again makes me drool.

On Friday night, Bob and I headed to The Four Seasons hotel to dine at L’Atelier (Joel Robuchon).

I won’t state the obvious more than to say that the service, the ambiance, the food, the everything were outstanding – as expected for a Michelin two star restaurant. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed even a little bit.

Bob and I both love foie gras, so we were thrilled two types of foie gras starters were offered.

I chose the pressed foie gras, served cold, with date preserves. Unctuous and fabulous! I ate it all (okay, I let Bob have one small bite).

Bob had the seared foie gras with kumquat compote. I know he loved it. He generously offered me a bite, but knowing how much he loves foie gras (and let’s face it, my serving was hearty), I declined.

Our mains came soon after our starter plates were cleared.

Bob ordered the sliced Wagyu beef with wasabi spinach and peppers. He declared the beef perfectly done and delicious, however, he was a little put off by the strong taste of peppers. He still cleaned his plate. Bob never eats something he doesn’t think tastes great – so this was high praise from him.

When I ordered the steak tartare, the waiter informed me that Joel Robuchon himself personally orders this every time he visits this restaurant. He claims that the NY restaurant has the best tartare, even better than his Paris restaurant! I had to agree – it was the best tartare I’ve ever had. (The second best being the one I had at La Palette in Paris last year.) The seasoning was perfect and the beef amazingly delicious. Mmmmmm! The frites were good, too, but I saved my tummy room for the tartare!

Finally, dessert. It was hard to choose because the menu was so tantalizing with items that sounded so creative and scrumptious. When I pointed to the item I was considering, the waiter fully approved.

This is La Bulle de Sucre – Golden Sugar Bubble Filled With Elderflower Cream, Pineapple Thyme Sorbet And Lemon Jam.

It is as amazing as it sounds. The pastry chef uses a hand pump to blow a clear bubble of sugar – it looked like a Christmas ball. It was filled with the Elderflower cream and pineapple sorbet and the lemon jam. It was so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to break it. Almost. I had to hit it firmly with my spoon to crack the shell. OH! It was so heavenly! The crisp sugar shell, the sweet cream, the cold sorbet and the tart jam. All the flavors melding together fabulously. I am not positive what those pink flowers are on the side – I think the waiter said chiso flowers. When I ate those, I was filled with nostalgia for childhood Christmas. I can’t explain it – it was an amazing and magical experience.

Sorry, I’m not even going to bother talking about Bob’s dessert (mango mousse) that he quite enjoyed, because I want to end on this note – on the note and photo of that perfect sugar crystal ball of dessert.

Worth every pretty penny of this meal! Expensive? Yes! But totally worth it!

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4 thoughts on “Unforgettable Meals – Pt 2

  1. Susan Taylor Brown

    Oh I am starving now. Absolutely gorgeous looking meals. I’m glad to hear it tasted as good as it all looked.

    • It was amazing! All of it! Couldn’t eat like that every day, but I’d take once a month. Wish we could go back that often! LOL

  2. However did you take a *bite* into that exquisite plating? *sigh*

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