Surf City, USA

We had a lovely week visiting my parents in Huntington Beach, CA. We love going there – we jokingly call my parents’ house our Beach House. It’s not a bad drive –  6 hours with one stop for gas and lunch in Kettleman City. We end up visiting three or four times a year at least. We fall into a routine and I sleep much more soundly. The beach is a short 1 – 2 miles away. Bob and I take Trixie on a walk to the beach at least twice a day. We love standing at the railing above the bike path, gazing at the ocean, watching the surfers and beach go-ers, listening to the soothing sound of the waves, and inhaling the scent of sand and salt.

That’s Bob and me in shadow. Trixie didn’t show up since she’s shorter than the shrubs. 😉

We tried a new thing this trip and rented one of those bicycle cars. Oof! Those things are heavy. Our fantasy of biking to Newport were quickly dashed and we never made it out of HB. We did have a great time, though!

Bob didn’t last long at the driver’s seat. Our daughter took over and did a fine job (except when I got out to take some photos and she peddled off a bit as a joke. ha ha).

I took a short break.

HB Pier and a couple of beach volleyball players.

I do love my new camera. The zoom is awesome and for the first time ever I was able to take some decent surfing photos. I do have to have a steady hand. Still figuring out the new camera, but having fun!

We had a great time as always! Coming soon, a sweet post on cupcakes and macarons!

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6 thoughts on “Surf City, USA

  1. Love seeing these photos! I really love the one with the shadows. Very cool! Yeah, trying to keep that steady hand is tough but these look great!

  2. Nice!!

  3. Life & Sunshine

    we live at the beach and my parents live 6hrs north, our only stop is Kettleman city too!

  4. Great photos — surfing and shadows!

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