The Origin of the Name RaD Jams

Some of you may wonder (or not) where the title of this blog came from. A couple of summers ago, our backyard peach tree was very, very fruitful. (Pun intended, sorry.)  Bob loves food-related projects (he’s our resident chef), so he decided to make peach jam. He made lots and lots of jars of peach jam. My contribution? Coming up with a name for our “label” and writing out said labels. We are Bob and Debbi, but I didn’t think BaD Jam would fly, so I used Bob’s given name, Robert, and RaD Jams was born.  This summer, our plum tree is giving a lot of fruit. A LOT! Plums are my all time favorite summer fruit so I didn’t complain. They are sweet, tart, juicy, and absolutely delicious! But soon I couldn’t keep up and even as I gave away bagfuls to friends, we still had an overabundance. So, I made plum crisp, and Bob made plum jelly and plum bbq sauce. YUM! He’s also been collecting our herbs from our garden, drying them out, chopping finely, and putting them into spice canisters. (Family may expect some of the above as gifts very soon!) Currently, our house smells like chives.

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5 thoughts on “The Origin of the Name RaD Jams

  1. I sort of like BaDjams! I love hearing about your jam adventures, and the pics are great.

  2. I wondered about the name! Love plums… drooling over slideshow. Hugs to you and Bob!

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