Taking A Break From Unpacking

I’m still unpacking boxes. I hope to be done by the weekend (and enlist Bob’s help). I take a lot of breaks to walk along the shore.

It rained most of the day before and it was super windy last night. This was our shoreline this morning – nice waves.

Brandt’s cormorant airing out his wings and greeting the new day.

Belted Kingfisher – I love this guy!

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On The Coast, Oregon

Our three days with John, Gail, and my niece at their beach cottage were truly spectacular and relaxing. I can’t pick just one favorite thing. I hope we can visit them there again soon! Thanks to John and Gail and L for a lovely time!

John and Gail

Their golden retriever, Ralph, the most mellow dog ever!

Doesn’t this look like a watercolor? I loved how the light and fog and clouds played together on the beach.

Neah-kah-nie Mountain


My niece, L, and our rat terrier, Trixie, in matching coats.

Sunset on the beach

L pretending she’s a tiger hiding in the beach grass.

I got to fly a kite!!!!

Moon child.

Good night and thanks so much for joining us on our Oregon adventures!

Bob and Debbi

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Hug Point, Oregon

Just because you have a beach house doesn’t mean you can’t visit other beaches along the coast – as John and Gail proved. They took us for a picnic at Hug Point State Park. The weather was perfect – sunny but not hot. The beach was gorgeous and not too crowded. The rocky cliffs were spectacular! Pictures show better than words in this case.

I love that my niece found a huge fresh-water puddle to play in. She was full of joy as she splashed her way up to her waist.

We scaled some mighty big rocks and were treated to a gorgeous view and a slew of sea anemone.

After a delicious lunch of sandwiches (and too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos), my niece entertained herself with a couple of other little girls by digging in the sand while Gail and I hunted for heart-shaped rocks. It was a lovely day!

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